Ambassador of Magical Conversations

Gender Dynamics – Who’s In Charge

Have you wondered why some love relationships flourish and others do not? What are the natural biases and mis-understandings that block your path? Are they based on different perspectives among men and women still unexplored today?

Pauline Crawford-Omps, a behaviour expert from the UK, presents a new way to add SoulMateLove into your life so that, male or female, you can find love that blossoms naturally and influences all your relationships including in your working and business relationships even in today’s high-pressure world. 

THE GENDER DYNAMICS OF LOVE gives you the control when you face that question “WHO’S IN CHARGE?” and goes far deeper than the usual ‘men versus women’ debate. As The Code of Love reveals your optimum love partnership, you will see others through a new perspective on life. This book guides you to create Magical Conversations that ensure success to all your relationships and life itself. This book will enable you to:

  • Identify YOU within The Code of Love and WHY you are WHO you are
  • Create Magical Conversations using the Gender Dynamics© Blueprint
  • Find true SoulMateLove that influences your whole life success

My vision is to enable men and women to co-create a world in which they truly understand each other, each recognizing and respecting their natural contributions to life, business and society, enjoying what they do and doing their best. 

A world where people consciously value their natural differences and similarities, and seek to build a values-based collaboration of relationships, not born of the past but on a gender dynamics blueprint which enhances the future potential of all generations and those to come.

A world in which we listen to each other’s perspectives, observing, trusting and being genuine with each other in ways that embrace and include every diversity of life while having magical conversations daily.

Ambassador of Magical Conversations

Leading Magical Conversations Circles, and developing Key Facilitators and Ambassador Hosts across the world. Her passion is to influence the world to transform through this magical and mindful practice.

Designer of Gender Dynamics©

Working with a new perspective for recognizing authentic gender understanding, and productive communication between men and women to enhance collaboration and good relationships, Pauline offers workshop programs, one-on-one coaching and situational advice live over Skype or other online services.

Executive Change-Maker

Tailoring development sessions for individuals and groups, covering behavioural change, business psychology, emotional confidence, professional reputation, image, presence, relationship management, conversation techniques, and gender dynamics to increase an individual’s success rate 100%.

International Conference Speaker

Drawing on 30 years’ experience of appearing on TV, radio and conference platforms – her keynote is Magical Conversations, a New Language for Success… plus a range of past topics such as performance excellence, women in the boardroom, gender dynamics, the succession of women, entreprenology, cultures of wellness, and leadership wisdom.

Magical Conversation TV Interviewer

Hosting conversations with male and female leaders to explore and share their viewpoints, possibilities and visions, enabling new solutions to emerge.

Host and Presenter

Chairing key events and workshops, for clients across the world, for forums, debates and interactive large scale conversations on topical issues such as gender diversity, inclusion, wellness, collaborative working and sustainability.

Corporate Heart Changemaker

Transforming diverse behaviour and mindset for her corporate clients so that a culture of conversations can deliver significant results. This is wellness on an inclusive scale throughout an organisation, influencing not only greater standards for performance excellence and creative results but also the health of all employees.  For more details www.corporateheart.co.uk


I pledge to help you reveal your truly authentic, natural “value creation” that will impact every facet of your life – in daily achievements, career advantages, fulfilment in life style and wealth in your endeavours in an entrepreneurial or corporate career.  If these words resonate with you then you and I are aligned on our mission to self-discovery and self-actualization. To you then, I offer my diverse experiences, my rich discoveries and well-tested concepts to make the pathway smoother, richer and more sustainable.  I propose to enable you to unfold the magic you hold within and tap into your potential in new and exciting ways.

If your personal wish to be more successful, more fulfilled and more influential, then you have arrived at the right place.

If your professional purpose and your business vision is to achieve wealth, wisdom and wellbeing, then I am at your service.

If you fear these uncertain times, then I can help shift your ability to not merely cope but to accelerate life transformation to a more fulfilled state of being, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

My passion is to inspire you to best use the rich gifts you have been born with and learned along the way but which you have maybe lost sight of along your current life path.  My gift to you is to enable you to create ‘magical conversations’ and all that entails so you can live, love, work and play at a higher level … and together we can transform our world. This is a wonderful combination of real-life, real-world, real-time, real action discovery and learning.

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