Pauline Crawford-Omps’ Core Beliefs

Value Creation Cycle

Your natural Value Creation and a Magical Conversation Style will influence your life’s success…

“The magic or mayhem in your life comes from the diverse mix of people who spontaneously gather together around you and share their perspectives and ideas. Make sure it’s with commitment to authenticity and love not fear and anger.”   

Aligned to her personal passion for magical conversations, Pauline Crawford-Omps has evolved a principles-led, values-based, practice for conversations that matter and which make a difference to all engaged in the process.

“Magical Conversations are the primary ingredient needed to bring understanding, tolerance and respect back into a world that is growing more confused and alienated every day. If there is one thing that we can, or at least should, agree on,” she explains, “it is that, in addition to accepting and valuing the natural differences that define us and give us our identity, we need to learn again to recognise, embrace, celebrate and value the natural similarities that bind us to one another as human beings.”

Pauline’s core belief is in the principle of Value Creation, i.e. that valuing our own core nature is where we find our gifts. Although attributes and personalities are nurtured throughout our life experience, and we learn many skills during our life, we are each uniquely formed in our conversation and behaviour style early in our life. Our gender dynamics types i.e. our physicality, biology and neurology combinations give us core clues as to how we will think, feel and behave. Our upbringing often defines our beliefs, our experiences hone our values, and our learned behaviour demonstrates itself daily as positive or negative.

With awareness, everybody can use a magical conversation style and maximise it for good. It is not wishy-washy, fabricated or dreamlike, it is real, tangible and attracts participation. The end results are;

  • more creativity from contributors
  • more exciting ideas shared
  • more uplifting and inspiring choices arise
  • ultimately an increased potential to act on the best outcomes for all with real tangible results.   

Pauline’s personal style has developed from birth through many decades, in formal and informal experiences of education, through conversations with groups of family, friends and colleagues, and over the last 3 decades, in her business enterprises, studying people and business first hand.

Now she addresses audiences on the benefits of Magical Conversations- A New Language for 21st Century Success and promotes the idea that anyone can, if they choose, develop their success style. This will enable them to engage people to overcome their inhibitions and conflicts in a multitude of scenarios that have previously caused anxiety, frustration and total dismay.  

Her vision is spurred by her desire for positive action, harmony and collaboration.

Her benefits for her clients are to enable them to share their views without falling foul of the usual “I’m right, you’re wrong” rhetoric.  

“We need new rules” says Pauline “so everybody can be heard wisely and truly authentically”.  

Her development approach in workshops, one-to-one sessions, and large audience addresses combines her own life/business adventure over 60 years, her gender dynamics expertise and business psychology background. She facilitates the learning process to show how a healthy ‘magical conversation’ open mindset and core entreprenological principles are critical to business and entrepreneurial success.

Credible Tools and Processes

With well-tested behavioural tools and processes that, over the years, she has learned and devoured with her passion to understand people and to help people help themselves.  Her programmes stimulate the emotional juices, put practical concepts on the table and engage experiential learning activities   Everything she delivers has been tested by herself and her team and comes from her own experiences with hundreds of clients. She has been learned from her own explorations, created, developed, and refined out of her own imagination and creative flair. She now knows that the magic comes from setting the vision, seeding the field and allowing the players to evolve.  Her ultimate vision is to affect the needed social transformation that is so in evidence in today’s world.


Her vision embraces all generations and all diverse factors, cultures, ethnicity, religions, sexual orientations and disabilities.  Her purpose is to instruct and persuade men and women alike to own new awareness and co-create new rules that get past the often ‘stuck’ reality of rhetoric and conflict in today’s world.  Whether in the corporate boardrooms, government spheres, NGOs, or social enterprises, in small businesses or large, Pauline believes that magical conversations break the boundaries of conflict and uncertainty to bring about a new co-creative process and unexpected yet vitally needed change.

The process sets simple principles to create new rules – anger and judgements are banned and the emphasis is placed on contribution, sharing perspective and finding creative possibilities rather than pressuring aggressive action results.

HOW - a magical conversation occurs by

  1. Setting intentions rather than expectations
  2. Gathering a group focused on a conscious unifying purpose and honouring all participants
  3. Deciding the topic/s and underlying scenario with consent and within the purpose as agreed
  4. Agreeing core principles – no anger, no judgement, no pressure or stress  
  5. Defining mindful goals with no overt persuasion to action unless organic and mutually agreed
  6. Giving all permission to speak and stating core etiquette
  7. Creating the best listening environment and respectful trust to all
  8. Facilitating of a energy flow, time keeping and monitoring the space as safe and sacred to the conversation at hand
  9. Overseeing the process without control, seeking inclusion and collaboration
  10. Charting the conversation output on paper, unattributed to any one person and in a mind-map display


WHY - Magical Conversation OUTCOMES enable you to

  1. Get your true voice heard without being rebuffed
  2. Be confident to share and learn at the same time
  3. Be unafraid to comment on sensitive and serious topics
  4. Enjoy the potential widening of perspectives and perceptions
  5. Grow a far broader based knowledge of other’s views
  6. Gather ‘ah ha’ awareness on any chosen variety of topics
  7. Make connections and collaborations based on people’s individual values, authenticity, and trust
  8. Further opportunities for business and life on a local and global scale

In the corporate and entrepreneurial business

… for boardrooms, leadership levels and team scenarios, these individual outcomes form real bottom line benefits such as:

  • Cohesive co-creative teams and more innovation
  • More flexible inspirational leadership styles
  • Collaborative empowered inclusive work cultures
  • Unexpected opportunities and ideas that bring profitability and sustainability
  • Smoother operational and professional relationships and co-operation among departments

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