Pauline Crawford-Omps – International Executive Changemaker

One-to-one Sessions – Executive Coaching & Mentoring

  1. Personal Mindset Mastery – confidence, emotional empowerment, positive thinking, value creation and persuasion skills
  2. Relationship Excellence – communication, conversation, building trust, authentic relationships and creative collaboration
  3. Performance Success – presenting on stage, branding you, conflict management, business presence and leadership excellence

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“Ever felt you just had something more to achieve and don’t know how …?”

A dynamic series of “change making”, hands-on personal & professional development sessions to enable you to achieve the success you desire.

For Women on Purpose.

Balancing life, passion and working life, women can often be overwhelmed by the mix. Today’s hectic business pace tests women’s resilience and confidence in so many ways, it is time to take care of YOU.  Whether heading for the boardroom or leading your own lifestyle enterprise, Pauline offers a tailored series of 6 sessions to transform your natural attributes into star characteristics for success.  

For Men on Target

Likewise this series works for senior men, especially working alongside women at management and boardroom level, or running his own business entity. When your success quotient falters often as external market pressures mount, personal leverage, this series will help you adapt your style to mainstream requirements.

How to book

Contact or call +1 714 951 3503

Testimonial: Leadership Mentoring

“Having been a Director of Operations and Client Services for several years and having worked in all areas of the business over a 12 year period, I still lacked the confidence to step up and take on the role of Managing Director when the position became available.  Pauline’s Situational Mentoring programme helped me to understand that I possessed all the abilities and skills which were required for the role and that it was only my lack of confidence which was holding me back.  The programme was instrumental in helping me develop the right mindset to move forward with my career and to deal with the inevitable challenges.   Pauline is an excellent mentor and the programme is well-structured and easy to follow and I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone who needs a little encouragement to take that next step.  I accepted my new position shortly after completing the programme and have never looked back!”

Letitia Herviou, Managing Director, Basel Trust, Jersey.

Testimonial: Six Month People Development Programme

“Pauline’s ability to work with a wide range of personalities in a large, newly formed team was highly effective and practical; her style is sensitive to personal issues yet highly focused on the professional excellence I desired from the team. It was especially significant for me as the Business Manager to learn how differently colleagues perceived each other and myself, and how this had caused performance in the team to be ineffective.  

In particular, it was noticeable that the atmosphere across the whole team lightened and improved 100 fold; and that over a year later the change in many people is sustainable in a manner that I have not experienced with other programmes.  Pauline has a wealth of experience about business as well as the people and this enhances the sustainability of the end result. Her skill to reach an eclectic audience always creates tangible benefits for everyone.”

Diane McNulty, Business Manager, Metropolitan Police, London

Testimonial: Team Development

“Corporate Heart’s (Pauline Crawford-Omps’) approach to team development is creative, thought provoking and exciting.  The two day session they delivered for part of our finance group within URENCO enabled the team to identify their own strengths whilst focusing them on creating their own team vision which has resulted in the team excelling in their business goals whilst working together.  

~ Kate Griffiths, HR Advisor Marlow, URENCO Limited

Testimonial: Individual Improvement (Coaching one-on-one and within small groups)

“Pauline enabled me realise I am important in my role and an asset to the company. Taught me to really think about how I want to work going forward and gave me the confidence to follow through my actions on my return to work”.

~ Kellie Jones, PA to Nick Criticos – Head of Retail & Investment Trusts, F&C Asset Management plc


Testimonial: Team Development Norway

“Corporate Heart led by Pauline, worked closely with Innovation Norway’s London office to design and deliver a series of programmes for both individual and team development. The brief required Corporate Heart to come up with creative ideas that would build self confidence and strengthened teamwork simultaneously. The programme included a mixture of individual meetings as well as large and small group sessions.  Critical to the event’s success were Corporate Heart’s experience in developing people and teams, spoken communication and understanding the values that drive and influences behavior (using Birkman Profiles to ensure rigour and accuracy).  As well as Corporate Heart’s specialist expertise in this area, creativity, attention to detail and excellent project management skills were essential in ensuring successful results.”  

~ Heidi Dahl, Head of Western Europe, Innovation Norway

Testimonial: Team Development

From a 9 month programme:

“I returned to work with a new personal perspective and it’s allowed my team to understand more about themselves and each other. We are continually challenged however we value ourselves as people and aim for our best!”

~ Maggie Chandler, BT Head of Customer Satisfaction.

Testimonial: Culture Survey

“The mere fact of running the wellness survey, and having to discuss the results, has provided our management team with a dialogue between ourselves that is open, supportive and which has brought about an ‘ownership’ by the team as a whole. The immediate influence of this survey has been to enable managers to speak to staff about specific personal views previously undefined; the staff feel noticed and taken seriously, and the managers now have a tool to ask the necessary questions without fear of offending anyone.”

~ Debra Allcock Tyler CEO The Directory of Social Change, Voluntary Sector

Testimonial: Series of leadership coaching sessions

“This unique personal development approach has helped me in assertively establishing myself in my new role and has meant that I have gained great buy-in and support from my team members because of the environment created by the application of various techniques covered in my program.  This means that more of our customers are now able to benefit from our new approach to them”.

~ Julie Moores, Key Account Manager, Amgen.

Testimonial: Team Development – 9 month programme.

“A strong base was built which enhanced the team performance based on shared values and open relationships. This work has set a good foundation for understanding behaviour, motivation and needs. The team increased confidence and worked together more cohesively.  Importantly this work enabled the team to succeed at a time of change and improve the financial performance of the business.”

~ Nick Young General Manager Photo Corporation

Testimonial: Engagement Cascade

“The engagement sessions rolled out across the Express Fit Dealerships were brilliantly designed to capture the essence of the key message “Adding Value”.  Our requirement was to shift ‘hearts and minds’ of everyone delivering our ‘Express Fit’ service. I was personally amazed that such a short session can create a great deal of energy, honest sharing and commitment to action ….and gave everyone a new sense of personal value within the business!”  

~ Julie Rosser, Manager-Workshop Programmes, Peugeot Express Fit dealership

What to expect.

Tailored to suit your needs, Pauline’s service either meets you at your boardroom or in your designated favourite quiet corner of the world, delivered face-to-face and/or online. Group work can be scheduled with your team(s) according to the groups needs and requirements.

Who is this for?

If want to grow sustainable confidence and business/life balance, then this series is for you.

If you have met a major or even minor hitch in your career path or leadership success, if business pressures have drowned your passion and you’re wondering what your path is now, then these sessions are for you. Ideally you have experienced a decade at least of your career or enterprise building path, and are most likely looking at a crossroads in your future.

About Pauline’s Approach

Perseverance, innovative and sustainable results for men and women across a wide range of sectors has given Pauline an inside view of stresses and strains of business today. She prides herself on adaptability to bring new perspectives to help hundreds of executives over the last 30 years. Inspiring confidence and business/life balance is part of Pauline’s experience as a corporate consultant in the UK, Europe and Asia. She has travelled widely and working with senior men and women across all sectors and many cultures.

Pauline’s unique approach blends discovery tools, personality awareness and cognitive tactics to lead you to success. This unique development Changemaker approach is always aligned to your questions as she guides you to discover your BEST YOU:


Some aspects that can be covered along the way for your guidance…

  1. Growing your true Value Creation and excessing “uncertainty” Opportunities – Where are you now on your success path? What is your true passion, purpose and vision? Appreciate your boundaries in a fast-changing world.
  2. Relationships, Communication and Conversations that Matter – How do you manage others? Why you can lead through creating a positive gender dynamic that works for you and others? Know your magical conversation style maximised for success.
  3. Personality, Behaviour and Managing Difficult Situations – Where do you draw the line? How do you deal with changing times and leverage authentic advantage? Turn conflict to your positive advantage without a fight.

4. Lifestyle and Wellbeing at Work and Play – Who are you under stress and how do you spot the clues before it’s too late? When and how do you release negative-energy and thrive? Develop unique mindful practices for your lifestyle.

5. Personal Presence and Performance – Who do others meet and remember about you? How can you to adapt your attitudes, embody values and even dress code to your authentic advantage? Discover your lasting impact to attract the results you desire.

6. A Long-Term Strategy for Healthy High Success   – What is your life plan for top performance? Do you schedule your business day or your lifestyle? Learn to balance and dance with success.

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