Pauline Crawford-Omps – International Speaker

International Speaker


Audience Keynote address

“Magical Conversations – A New Language for 21st Success”   

3 steps to Success…

  • Open Minded Perspectives – Changing Rules of the Game
  • Gender Dynamics© – a Living Experience with NO Barriers to Success    
  • Making Magic outcomes of Conversations that Matter –combining Business and LIFE for the best results for all

Pauline is a mature and wise baby boomer, and a highly informed and experienced traveler of major change periods in our world. She has seen economies expand and implode, watched as the dynamics of entrepreneurial business evolve, been part of the expansion of women gaining access to education and recognized that impact on the workplace in increasing numbers. She has seen the internet arrive and social media and technology revolutionize our world, and observed that the players, men and women alike, often flounder within the exciting yet confusing mix.

Men and women of all generations are now faced with multiple options, changing employment cultures, entrepreneur activities, educational choices opting in and out as well as the pressure of life around them increasing. She notices that the total variety of options and choices often dims confidence, brings fear of uncertainty and scuppers their growth as human beings. Pauline seeks to change fear to hope, inspiring audience with her keynote address “Magical Conversations – a New Language for Mindful 21st Century Success”

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Testimonial: Conference Speaking and Hosting Events

(on Gender Diversity Agenda)

Pauline has a unique understanding of the differences in communication and thoughts patterns between men and women. Thus she can add value to any business that aims to improve diversity, leverage on women talent and develop a more productive workforce.

She designed an inspirational workshop by interviewing three of the most senior women, and she was able to obtain from them very valuable feedback on how more junior employees can improve their career.  Again, she demonstrated how men and women can engage better with each other by adapting their style to the masculine/feminine personality of the recipient. She also suggested the styles and words that we can use to obtain greater results when conveying important messages. In view of the unique engagement with the audience, expertise and value that she can add to a company, I have no hesitation in recommending Pauline to any company that wishes to improve the retention of women talents. Thank you so much for all the magic you brought to my life!”  Giuliana Bruce, Barclays, London

Pauline led the discussion superbly, bringing out the key themes, challenging at the right times, whilst managing also to keep the audience involved and engaged.  A very stimulating event to participate in” Cathy Turner, Barclays HR Director

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