“Having been a Director of Operations and Client Services for several years and having worked in all areas of the business over a 12 year period, I still lacked the confidence to step up and take on the role of Managing Director when the position became available.  Pauline’s Situational Mentoring programme helped me to understand that I possessed all the abilities and skills which were required for the role and that it was only my lack of confidence which was holding me back.  The programme was instrumental in helping me develop the right mindset to move forward with my career and to deal with the inevitable challenges.   Pauline is an excellent mentor and the programme is well-structured and easy to follow and I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone who needs a little encouragement to take that next step.  I accepted my new position shortly after completing the programme and have never looked back!”

Letitia Herviou, Managing Director, Basel Trust, Jersey.

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